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Lamb, Hogget & Mutton

In the summer months we 'mob graze' the flock, moving the ewes and lambs daily onto new species rich herbal pasture. These pastures are a mixture of deep rooting flowering plants, grasses, clovers and herbs, full of vitamins and minerals which impart an exceptional flavour to the meat and give the sheep a varied diet. It not only tastes amazing but is healthier for us - and the planet - than grain and soya fed meat.

Hogget is from sheep older than one year but under two years, and mutton is from sheep older than two years. Both hogget and mutton are more flavourful than lamb, succulent cuts whic  benefit from slow cooking, so ideal for stews, tagines and curries.

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Pasture for Life Certification Mark - WE

Pasture for Life


This mark means our meat is certified as 100% pasture fed; meaning the sheep have grazed the meadows and herb rich leys and their only supplementary feeding is hay or haylage in the cold winter months. They are not fed any grains or soya which is common in commercial flocks.

Diced lamb
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