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Set in the beautiful Dorset countryside our flock of native Dorsets and Shetlands graze species rich pastures. We farm with the health of the sheep, the soil and biodiversity in mind.

The sheep live their life on the farm and are outside nearly all year, the ewes only coming into the barn to lamb in early spring, before going out again with their lambs onto the wildflower meadows. By rotationally grazing we move them frequently onto new pasture, mimicking nature, with access to hedgerows and field margins, herbs and flowers, which ensures they have an interesting and varied diet.

We sell meat direct from the farm and we believe in not wasting any of the animal so their skins are tanned and we have the annual shear of their fleeces spun and woven for us into lovely soft throws and knitting yarn. These are sold here.


For more information about our meat please click here.

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